Cloud Network

Benefits of Cloud Managed Firewalls

It used to be that firewalls and routers required someone on-site to set up, troubleshoot, or modify them. This is no longer necessary when using cloud-managed devices. Cloud-based firewalls and routers provide instant information and central management, all of which saves you time, money and effort. Let’s explore some of […]

Delivering Goods

Don’t Forget the Importance of a Good Vendor

There are a lot of lessons we learn each year in business and one of the most important lessons to learn is that planning well leads to profitable business. A good retail management system, with best practice procedures in place, can provide you with the information you need to make […]

TLS 1.2

The Mystery of TLS

You have probably been bombarded with information about TLS 1.2. It all sounds very scary, especially when notices threaten your system to stop processing credit cards July 1, 2018, if you have not made the necessary changes. One Step included TLS information in our March newsletter and we recently sent […]